Terms and Privacy Policy

The not-too-fine print

Our account distribution numbers are provided for your personal use, and your use only. You agree NOT to post these numbers, or any other TSP Tips content, on any publically accessible medium such as a personal blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, workplace email distribution or whatever else. Please feel free to use any means you like to tell your friends and colleagues about TSP Tips, but do not redistribute any content that you receive through the service. Doing so is a violation of copyright law, and we do take it seriously.

We don't manage money; we provide professional advice on how to manage it yourself for maximum growth. In using our service, you remain responsible for your own investments.

Any "100% guarantee" of future stock market activity is a lie, and we're not liars. We offer recommendations based on professional analysis, backed by a positive history of investment performance and years of experience and data collection. Our strategies are specifically designed around avoiding loss, but we will not be held liable for any personal financial loss as a result of market downturns.

Our promises to you

When you register for our service, we collect your email address simply as a means of establishing your account and notifying you of important news about TSP Tips. We promise not to spam you with offers, or sell/give your address to anyone else, ever.

Your email address is the only personal information we collect and store. In the future, we may provide new services that would require more data; if so, we promise to ask you before collecting any additional information.

We're not day trading with play money here. The goal of TSP Tips is to provide a service for optimizing long-term investment performance, and avoiding risk of the kind of losses that keep people awake at night. Our strategies and analyses are built around this philosophy, and always have been.