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If you are human and like great TV, then you’re probably eagerly awaiting the release of the new season of Game of Thrones just like we are. So, for your entertainment and to make the next two weeks go more quickly for you, here are four reasons your job – and the government – are like Game of Thrones.


1. Least ergonomic chair ever.


From where we’re sitting (in our horrible office chairs) OSHA hasn’t yet gotten around to caring what you put your butt in. Your office chair might not look as cool as the fiercely contested throne of swords, but is probably just as uncomfortable and just as bad for your back. If this isn’t you and you’re equipped with niceties like a decent chair or sit/stand desk, we envy you.


2. Just like Jon Snow, you know nothing.


Budget cut looming? Is another government shutdown on the way? What’s this new software they’re making us use for timecards/leave/contracts/HR/whatever? How many hundreds of pages of arcane documentation do I need to read to just order a couple of laptops? Why is it 40 degrees in the stairwell? (hint: it’s because the building is 70 years old and the repair contract elapsed) Is this even real life? Every job has its confusion and red tape, but nothing compares to the fumbling, stumbling juggernaut that is the U.S. government.


3. You never know who’s going to get it next.


GoT always keeps you guessing as to which character is going to get bumped off. You can only cross your fingers and hope that your favorite makes it out of the episode alive and mostly in one piece (I believe in you Jon!). Today’s political landscape in our nation’s capital resembles this more than ever. Westerosi chiefs of staff getting murdered, real chiefs of staff getting fired. Man, this is good popcorn.  


4. You might not always love it, but you can’t turn away.


Just like how GoT isn’t always the most comfortable show to watch, your government job certainly has its ups and downs. Sometimes you hate it (Red Wedding) and wish you could just float away into the sunset. But most of the time (hopefully) it’s pleasant and secure enough to keep you from trolling LinkedIn for opportunities. That government health insurance is hard to beat…


So there you go. Hope this entertained you for a few minutes, and may the next couple weeks go by quickly! April 14th can’t come soon enough. If you need to kill some more time while you wait, check out some of our other articles

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